Ready-Mix Concrete

Experience has an effective role in quality of the product and the company has sufficient experience in the work of ready-mixed concrete .since the factory was established in 1406H more than 10 million cubic meters of concrete has been supplied, which reflects our experiences in the field. Due to the continuous development in the concrete works and the great urban development which undertaken by the authorities during the last years , factories capabilities were developed to keep in touch with this urban renaissance, and the latest technology were used in concrete production

Batching plants
Five central Batching plants were established and installed with production capacity 420 m3/hour for wet mixing with ALKON system that works with high accuracy with an error rate of scales that is almost zero ( +1%).

Two water colder have been supplied (chillers), in addition, two ice factories with production capacity 100 tons/day and that to reduce the temperature of concrete to be in accordance with international standards.

Supply and storage of materials
• Aggregate is supplied from the company’s crushers, which have been selected by geologists specializing in mining. Aggregate materials are carefully selected, with good granularity and firmness to reach the highest quality , This quality eliminates dust and reduces Aggregate temperature. The materials laboratory also conducts periodic tests of Aggregate to ensure its quality and compliance with the specifications and standards.

Sand Washer
• two sand washers were installed to wash the sand and isolate it from impurities and dust in several stages to obtain the highest quality and access to concrete conforming to international specifications and standards.

• Water is one of the most important components of concrete Where it reacts with cement , This is called cement hydration Therefore, the company selects the water sources supplied to produce concrete to meet Saudi and American standards and specifications in terms of the percentage of dissolved salts in water TDS and degree of alkalinity of water (PH)

Supply of ready-mixed concrete
The factory has a huge fleet of trucks to transport the ready concrete to molding sites, where the company has 60 trucks for mixing their carrying with capacity 10 m3, and 12 pumps of different lengths distributed as following:

5 pump with a length of 42 meters 1 pump with a length of 60 meters 2 pump with a length of 58 meters
1 pump with a length of 28 meters 1 pump with a length of 34 meters 2 pump with a length of 36 meters
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